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Dog Care

Having a dog at home is a responsibility that should be taken seriously. It is important to be aware of all the care a dog requires to have a healthy and happy life.

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Nutrition: It is essential that the dog receives a balanced and nutritious diet to keep it healthy. It is important to give your dog good quality food and follow the recommendation of specialists for the right amount of nutrients.


Exercise: Exercise is essential for your dog, as it is for us. It will keep in shape and stimulate its cardiovascular system. The more active your dog is, the better his health will be and the longer he will live.


Health: It is important to have regular checkups to keep your dog healthy. It is advisable to vaccinate your dog regularly to prevent disease and to have a general examination annually.


Play: Playing is important for your dog, not only to keep fit, but also to stimulate intelligence and overall well-being. Toys, running, treasure hunts and other fun activities are ideal for your dog to have fun and stay active. When having a dog at home it is important to take into account all the necessary care.


Nutrition, exercise, health and play are some of the fundamental care that should be taken with a dog so that it remains healthy and happy.

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